Monday, 19 April 1999
At Old-Zuilen castle my neighbours stand in front of the registrar. It is a cosy little castle (.../bikenear...), a fine location for this happy wedding.

Old-Zuylen Castle The registrar describes the course of life for both of them It suddenly stops, shortly after the student life. I expected a bit more, but the story arrived in present time already. This bride and groom are still quite young. Odd, as I never noticed an age difference before.

Young, well how to define young? Does 'young' have anything to do with age? 18 springs is still young and after the 35th birthday youth is really over. A SUMit expert system defines young as an age related function It would be the easiest solution for an expert system. Hmm, that computer logic is a bit too simplistic for me.

An expression says "You're as old as you feel". Yeah, I could agree to that for a large part. However, body and mind may disagree on this point. It was quite a shock to me that my body required several laid back days to recover after a night on the spree. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I am not 18 any more.

An old consultant in the fine field of System Analysis once explained the advantages of getting older to me. "A 18 year old woman remains interesting, no matter how old you get" was his reasoning. "So is a woman of your own age, so the range of interesting women keeps growing." It's a fascinating thesis, but I doubt it's degree of truth. To me, the chitchat of an 18 year old has lost its appeal.

Yet the thesis contains a pretty thought. What is young? Above all it is relative. Pubs used to be filled with elderly people. Nowadays it's full of yelling youngsters. An analysis of this difference in perception leads me to the final conclusion: Look at the 'elderly' and 'youngsters' around you. Your own subjective age is between those two. The more elderly you see, the younger you are!

Till next week!