Shut up

Monday, 15 May 2000
"Please wait while your computer shuts down". Does that sounds familiar? Sigh. How I dream of: "Please continue while your computer shuts up"

Let me explain with and example, just as rediculous as the E-shop from a few weeks ago.

< Good morning baker, a sliced black bread please.  
  Are you sure? >
< What? Am I sure? Yes, I do know what type of bread I like.

Of course I'm sure, I wouldn't ask for it if I wasn't. If ever I'm in doubt, I myself will start asking questions.

Well baker, stuff it up a hole where the sun doesn't shine! Have a nice day, and I'll get my bread some place else, where they don't ask so many questions. Bye!

A 'are you sure' question is quite belitteling. Fortunately there are very few of them in daily life. Yet quite many programmers shamelessly expose me to similar idiotery with unpolite software.

Suppose I would ask for a Dutch translation of this Nut's Weekly, and bang: an unexpected pop-up.

Yes, give me the Dutch translation No, I'll stick to English Are you sure that you want to change language?
That pop-up asks me whether I'm sure. "Whether I'm sure?" Steam emerges from both my ears. Yes of course I'm sure, or I wouldn't ask for it, would I? If I do not want a translation I won't ask for it. And if I do aks for it, than I want to get it. Well stupid program, go and get lost!

This kind of obstruction is too much for me. My mouse pointer goes towards the digital cross, the application's "off button". Bye! I'll get my digital pleasure some place else.

Hey, what is this. The cross is disables. This damned pop-up won't close. Mrmbl, sgrr. My mood drops right down to battle mode (.../comics/generaal...)!

Mad as hell, I close down the whole PC. And still, the rattling still isn't over yet. I get to endure the following message: "Please wait while your computer shuts down." What???

How about "Please continue while your computer shuts up"?

Till next week!