KLIA, 24thMarch 2006


I've declared my foot cured, ready for the journey. Yes, I'm doing well, thanks.

Travelling in Malaysia is a chaotic, unpredictable activity. Especially the Puduraya bus station remains an incredibly efficient chaos. I kind of like this charming disorder. To my knowledge it has no competition being the most unclear, noisy bus station. Yet it is the gateway to just about every destination in peninsula Malaysia. Every interstate bus seems to start or end its journey here.

KL Sentral

The ever so charming Puduraya is behind me. A couple of metro stations down the track, it is like landing into another world, the modern central station (KL Sentral), with modern, well designed, very organised. I'm mad with enthusiasm about Malaysia Airlines' check in desk. The sooner I can get the hot backpack of my back the better.

I wash the last bit of tropical sweat away. I lost my towel somewhere between Katherine and Taiping. So the last dirty T-shirt doubles as towel for the moment. It heads for the backpack still wet. So be it. Tomorrow morning it will get clean again, while doing laundry at home. That last bit of dirty laundry makes the backpack ready for check in. Bye bye backpack, see you tomorrow at Schiphol Airport.

Shall I drop by China Town, Jalan Petaling, to browser on some watches? No, I better call it a day. The collection of watches back home is big enough as it is, off to the airport it is. It seems that the end of the journey arrives all too sudden. My mind is still somewhere in Australia, yet my luggage is already heading for the Netherlands. A few hours of luxury, resting at the airport seems like a good idea to get used of ending the journey.


Evening falls at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The viewing area, above the departure hall, is a well hidden secret. It is a nice place, spacious, with a great view at the platform. As former KLM president Orlandini said: You can take a man out of the airline, but never the airline out of man.

Example sheet Roster Design Training

Sample sheet from the Roster Design Training
The flows of passengers, cargo and luggage recall airline experiences. All this bustling activity reminds me of the complex back office logistic planning systems. My backpack with dirty laundry is about to enter a lower deck container.

End of journey

I have enjoyed this journey. Malaysia, Perth and Adelaide were a beaten track for me, but the top end of the Northern Territory was new to me. Especially the Aboriginal culture was definitely worth the effort.
  1. The first business appointment for next week is in my agenda already, about an labour law check of a shift roster design.
  2. In Taiping this morning the second appointment came in, giving class for a duty roster design training.
  3. A third appointment for installation of some tailor made software in on its way.
Not home yet, yet the agenda fills up.

Home is not just where the journey ends in the tub, it is also the place where the agenda fills up most rapidly.

Till next nut,